The period allowed for nominations to become a director of Bradford Park Avenue has now closed, with seven nominations received.

At the AGM on 26th January members will be able to vote for the appointment of directors. In the notice of the meeting we allowed members until January 19th to make nominations. All nominations are shown below, along with pen-pictures of the nominees.

The club’s present Rules allow for between 6 and 12 directors. We currently have 7, but 2 must stand down at the AGM, which will leave us with 5. We have received nominations for 6 new directors, and one of those retiring has indicated that he is available for re-election. So there are 7 nominees, who added to the 5 continuing directors would give us a total of 12, exactly equal to the current maximum.

Since there is room for all nominees within the maximum allowed, members will be invited to vote for all nominees en bloc.

The board has proposed to reduce the maximum from 12 to 10, but assuming that the AGM approves this, the change will not be effective until it is approved by both the FA and the Financial Conduct Authority. This can be a time-consuming process, and it could take several months to become effective. Once approved, this would leave us with too many directors, but that can be dealt with at that time, or at the following AGM, whichever is more appropriate.

The nominees are shown below.

Ben Harvey

I am Bradford born and bred married with a young son of 2. I have followed football all my life and have been an active supporter of Bradford Park Avenue for the last 5 years, attending the majority of games both home and away. I am very passionate about the development of the club both on and off the field and I am currently an elected member of the Supporters Club Committee.

I have worked in financial services for the last 10 years and currently work for the Yorkshire Building Society. I have worked in a number of roles from sales, business development, underwriting and team management but more recently have been involved in process improvement and project work.

I would like put myself up for election for director on the CBS board and feel that I would be ideally suited to represent the members of the CBS as a link between the board and the members. I would actively contribute to the debates on issues and I feel I can take a dispassionate and objective view in order for the club to make good business decisions. I also feel that I can bring my skills from my own working background to help and improve the operational running of the club. I would be fully committed and would make myself available to all members during my term.

Proposed by Dave Stordy. Seconded by Neil Fawcett

Dave Stordy

I have been involved with the reformed club since 1989 (one year after it reformed) having previously being involved playing and running the Sunday league club. I have held various positions over the last 28 years including physio, director and more recently chairman/treasurer of the SC plus club shop manager for over 20 years.

I would hope to bring my experience to the board, which includes having worked for HMRC for over 43 years although now retired. (Some time ago, when the club was under different ownership, I was able to inform the previous board of an impending tax inspection).

Whilst I do not have excess financial income to invest my input would be via working time spent on helping to run the club.

Proposed by Roger Banks. Seconded by Tony Niland

Colin Barker

In allowing my name to be put forward to stand as Director of Bradford Park Avenue CFC, I do so based on the fact that I believe I can further contribute to the development of the Club in its football aspirations as well as in its efforts to develop greater interaction with the local community.

My football experience is based on 20 years experience of being a football scout for Cambridge United, Kidderminster Harriers, Bradford City, Leyton Orient and currently Grimsby Town. Whilst my specialist scout knowledge is based on making player assessments, I have also undertaken some opposition match assessment reports on opponents for those Clubs and also on behalf of Bradford Park Avenue. Following retirement from my main employment, I have also since December 2012 been the voluntary football secretary of Bradford Park Avenue. In this capacity, I have been involved in all the administration concerned with the football employees of the Club and have also advised the Club’s Directors both past and present on any football related matters of administration that could impact on the Club’s development. I have also recruited and organised scouts to enable the Club to have reports on all BPA opponents over the past two seasons, and, have recruited and helped train local scouts to watch the lower league clubs so we are in a position to assess recommendations we receive from supporters and other sources on all lower league players.

In respect of my experience in Community Development, I worked for 38 years for Bradford Council mainly as a worker and manager focussed on working with young offenders. I set up a number of Projects aimed at assisting local young people at risk of drifting into criminal and anti-social behaviour. I worked also to develop the setting up of the multi-agency Youth Offender Team in Bradford and at the time of my retirement I was managing staff from the Police, Health Services, Education, Youth Services, Social Services and Housing. I was also responsible for setting up and developing the Bradford Motor Education Project Charity in 1987 and establishing bases in many of our local estates in Bradford which reduced the number of local youngsters becoming involved in motor crime. I was involved also in the complex task of merging that charity with another Keighley based charity and am currently a Director of that new merged charity known as the Joint Activities & Motor Education Service (JAMES). This was the first local organisation that Bradford Park Avenue formed a partnership with enabling the Club to receive grants from the National League and enabling a worker to be employed to work with youngsters from local primary schools who will hopefully become our future supporters.

I think I can combine the work experiences outlined above with the enthusiasm of being a Bradford Park Avenue supporter since 1960 to help assist in the development our Club but should I not be elected as a Director I will still continue to work in any capacity I can to ensure our Club moves forward.

Unfortunately, I cannot attend the AGM as due to the fact of there being no game on the following weekend I am taking my wife for an in-season holiday for the first time in 4 years!!

Proposed by Roger Banks. Seconded by Steven Banks (no relation).

Trevor Heylings

Trevor is 61 years of age. He has been associated with Bradford (Park Avenue) since 1993. At that time, as a director of Batley Rugby League Football club he was involved with the negotiations which resulted in the club moving from Bramley to Mount Pleasant (Batley). He has previously been a director of the club during a 12 year period from 1995 to 2007, when he was asked to resign by the new owner.

Over the years Trevor has been a major fundraiser for the club. He informs me that since the 2002/03 season he has raised in excess of £80000 from match day raffles, football cards etc. On match days Trevor is the first point of contact for many people. He meets and greets the match officials and welcome visiting directors as well as fans from both clubs. He is that welcoming face, always impeccably turned out in his Bradford (Park Avenue) blazer. A real ambassador for the club, he has performed MC duties at sponsored matches and provided radio commentary summaries. He has also represented the club along with Dr John Dean on a number of occasions at the annual National League Conference at Celtic Manor.

Away from football, Trevor works at a Day Centre looking after elderly people. This he has done since 2004. From 1972 -1984 he worked in the Fire Brigade gaining promotion to Leading Fireman. He was also a partner in a firm of Location Caterers (GT Caterers) from 1984 to 1995, working on location for programmes such as Heartbeat and Emmerdale.

I’m sure he would be a great asset as a director of the Community Football Club.

Proposed by Keith Denison. Seconded by Keith Bonney.

Andy Oversby

I am seeking election to the board of B.P.A. C.F.C to help further the club and represent the club’s supporters. I feel that it is time that there was a voice on the board that could speak for the Supporters’ interests, voice their concerns and put forward their views.

I was a police officer for 30 years, retiring in 2015 as a Forensic Accident Investigator. I currently work teaching motor vehicle technology to disfranchised youth.

I attended my first BPA game at the age of 10 with my father who is also a lifelong B.P.A. fan. I have for the past 2 years assisted in the running of the Supporter’s Club on a voluntary basis donating modest financial support to fund raising projects but more importantly a great deal of personal time.

I can regularly be found on match days working for the club at the Supporter’s Club table in the clubhouse or on the terraces, which should I be elected to the Board is where you will find me listening to the Supporters’ view and concerns so that they can be passed onto the Board directly, for the benefit of the club and its people.

Proposed by Dave Stordy. Seconded by Harrison Whittaker.

Paul Wood

I am an existing Director who is seeking re election.

I am 63 years old and was born in the Dudley Hill area of Bradford. I was introduced to BPA by my father who was a keen supporter, and who would have been very proud of my involvement with club. We attended most home games.

I have a lifelong business experience, running small businesses in and around the Bradford area and feel I can continue to make a positive contribution to the well being of the Club.

Proposed by Phil Lawler. Seconded by Joe Mosley.

Neil Fawcett

I am a 47-year-old logistics manager for a large textile company. I have been a fan of the club for years, but over the last two years have been involved with various voluntary duties for the club including organising official away travel.

I am a member of the Supporters Club, and I can be seen at home matches at the Supporters Club desk in the clubhouse.

I feel I can bring my skills for organising things to enhance the board, also I feel a link is needed between the board and its members and fans and feel I am suited to this as the membership of the C B S grows. Thanks for your consideration

Proposed by Roger Banks. Seconded by Steven Banks.

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