Bradford (Park Avenue) Association Football Club Limited

Formed 1907 reformed 1988

Reg in England No: 02522058

Contact or 07710446485 or contact the club


Club Officials

Gareth Roberts
Chief Executive

Gareth Roberts


Dr. John Dean


Community & Development


Joe Mosley


  Paul Wood

David Bruce


Paul Wood


Company Secretary

Phil Lawler

 Terry Dolan Joe Cockburn
 Director of Football

Terry Dolan

 Football Secretary

Colin Barker


Media & Communications


Joe Cockburn



Commercial Manager

Robin Eaves

Andrew Pinfield


Phil Wilkinson

Supporters’ Club Chairman

Club Shop Manager

Dave Stordy

Long List


Chief Executive Gareth Roberts
Chairman Dr John Dean

Directors Joe Mosley contact, David Bruce, Terry Dolan, Phil Lawler, Paul Wood

President Frank Thornton
Vice Presidents John Helm, Bob Robinson, Steve Wright

Manager Mark Bower
Assistant Manager Danny Boshell
Sports Therapist Tally Clayton
Kit Manager Ian Sewell

Community Development & Marketing Joe Mosley
Commercial Manager Robin Eaves
Commercial Executive Roger Banks, Andrew Pinfield, Mark Brookes
Fundraising Trevor Heylings
Hospitality Trevor & Joyce Jowett

Company Secretary Phil Lawler
Club Secretary Colin Barker contact
Club Historian Tim Clapham

Media and Communications Manager Joe Cockburn contact
Key Responsibilities: Press Officer / Programme Editor

Supporters Club Chairman & Club Shop Manager Dave Stordy contact
Away Travel Neil Fawcett

WebMaster Phil Wilkinson contact